Chevy Cavalier trouble starting and stalled out? help?


2001 Chevy Cavalier is having trouble starting. Have had to jump it 3 times in the last week and now stalled the other night when coming to stop. The car cranks like its going to start but just doesn’t trunover. The battery, alternator and starter all checked out. Now the codes are P0336 and P0340 (Cranksahft and camshaft sensors). The mechanic questions the replacement of these item, thinking these might not be the issue. Has anyone experience this or thoughts if these truely are the issue or is it something else.


[b] Either of these components if defective can cause this problem.

Doesn’t your mechanic have a scanner he can plug in to see if the ECU is getting a signal from either of these components?



I agree with your mechanic. Just changing parts isn’t the answer. The problem is possibly in some shared circuitry. There could be loose, or poor, wiring connections. The two sensors share TWO 12 volt power points (terminals) on the computer, and the negative (ground) terminals are labeled for both sensors. The Haynes manual #38016, in chapter 6, gives the test procedures for both sensors. The manual is only $18 … a LOT less than one new part. All the mechanic needs are the manual, a quality digital multimeter, and his reading glasses.