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2000 Camry power steering fluid leak

If I put Lucas PSSL Power Steering Stop Leak) in the steering fluid font will it really stop the leak? Will it do any damage?

If the power steering fluid leak is at the rack and pinion assembly seals it should work. I’ve used the Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak on many vehicles with leaking rack and pinions with success. If however the leak is located at the pump shaft seal or one of the power steering hoses, this product won’t stop the leak.


Thank you for your prompt answer. The drip spot is on the ground in the area underneath the steering wheel shaft. I can’t tell more than that. Would it be OK just to try the PSSL and see if it helps? Repairs might be expensive, and perhaps unnecessary.

If the leak is at the steering wheel shaft, then most likely the spool valve seal is where the leak is. In this case the PSSL would probably work and won’t harm anything.


Hi Tester, Thanks again. I am going to try it and I will let you know. Over and out!