2000 Cadillac DeVille - Broken seat

Driver seat won’t work on 2000 Caddilac Deville

After first making sure there is nothing under the seat jamming it in place, you may wish to simply drive it to a qualified independent mechanic for diagnosis and repair.


Well that sucks.


Remind me again why I would want a power adjustable seat, when the tried-and-true design of a seat which moves on tracks and reclines by way of simple levers almost never goes bad? Some non-powered seats even offer lumbar adjustments, by way of knob(s) on the side of the seat. Simple, inexpensive, and reliable.

Even my Daewoo has this type of seat (3 knobs on the side, plus a lever to move on the track) and it is literally one of the most comfortable car seats I have sat on in my life. Only the 94-95 Caravan was more comfortable.

With the little info you gave,
I would first check to see if a fuse is blown for that seat. I am not familiar with your vehicle, so I am not sure if there is a separate fuse just for the driver’s seat. next I would check under the seat for any broken, burnt or chaffed wires. also check the connector. If that is all good you might have a bad seat switch, control module or bad seat motor.