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2000 Buick Regal

Air bag flashes when starting, then goes to steady ON. Checked by GM and independent garage with scanner, no faults found by either, is the bag operative? What could be the problem?

Check the NHTSA ( National Highway Traffic Safety Agency) for any recalls on your car for SRS (Secondary Restraint System) [air bags]. Google: You could, also, call the regional GM representative. There’s more to finding the cause of a problem than using a scan tool.

The flashing is a code. One flash followed by three, two followed by nine, or whatever. If no one can find it with a scanner, my guess (and it is just that) is it’s the main airbag computer or module, but SOMEONE with a good scanner should have been able to isolate the excact cause.

My 2000 regal did the same and the dealers said the samd except for one who said there was a connector? under the drivers seat which was tightened and then the light went off. They say they see ift quite a bit cuz people put their feet or items under the seat and losen it up. Who would think a person would put their feet under the seat? I hope this helps.

Someone in the back seat might put their feet under the front seat. And it is a convenient spot for an ice scraper or car brush.