2000 buick regal

my car wont start its like its in lock down mode. i cant turn the wheel or the key. the car is in park. and both keys are not damaged. help!!!

I think the front wheels are putting pressure on the steering wheel, making it difficult to turn. You should be able to turn the steering wheel one way or the other. Pull a bit harder and see if the key frees up.

Not sure about that year, but Buick Regals have this feature…when you turn the car off, turn the steering wheel until it locks. Only then can you restart the engine (do be sure your foot is firmly on the brake) Have helped several people with this issue at self serve stations…hope it helps

yeah i know they do but i mean it is in lock down you can not move it at all. not to the left or the right. you cant even turn the key as far as to roll the windows down.