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2011 Buick Regal - Won't give up my key

key will not come out of the ignition

Looking on the bright side, you can’t lose your keys.

Does the engine shut off? And then the key won’t come out? Or the engine won’t shut off? Wiggle the steering wheel while trying to remove the key - don’t force it! If that doesn’t work, you need to take it into a good independent mechanic to see if they can remove it and repair the reason it won’t come out.


Might be a long shot but try turning the the steering wheel as far it will go towards the drivers door and then see if the key will come out. I used to have a 92 regal and you couldn’t start it if the steering wheel was locked and that did the trick

Yeah, try wiggling the steering wheel clockwise and counterclockwise rapidly while pulling on the key. Make sure it’s in Off position when you do this.

If you get it to come out, lube the key & lock w/a little graphite lock lubricant before re-inserting it the next time.