Buick Regal Turns Off

Thinking about picking up a 2002 Regal. Major issue: it will not start without turning the lights on first and will shut off when the wipers are turned on. Any ideas of the problem?

Unless the price is stupendously low, why would you even consider buying a used car that has problems like this right from the start?

This problem might be the result of an issue with the BCM, or it could be some other type of electrical/electronic issue, but…Why not tell the seller to get the car fixed on his dime and that you will buy it if it proves to be in good condition after he repairs it?

If you spend the money necessary to get the car to start & run “normally”, and then discover a host of other problems–be they electrical or otherwise–you will find yourself very frustrated.

My suggestion is to begin your search with cars that don’t have such obvious problems, and then have a qualified mechanic do a thorough inspection in order to verify that the car you purchase is in good condition.

+1 for VDCdriver because this is one big red flag.

My best advice is STOP thinking about it.

I have seen several aftermarket alarms that you have to use the headlights to start the car. If it has an alarm it could be as simple as removing it and repairing the wiring or as was said above it could be some odd eletrical issue.