2000 BMW 528i Tail Light Indicator

Here is my stumper. The tail light indicator on my BMW will not turn off. I replaced all the bulbs and it did not go out. I also did an experiment and swapped all the driverside rear lights with the passenger side lights. And the indicator light did not turn off. Can anyone shed some light on this? Is there a fuse I can pull? Is there a ground short?

Is the tail light working? If so, does it go out if someone steps on the brakes?

I can tell you from personal experience with this type of device on a Volvo that it is so sensitive that simply having bulbs of two different brands on the same circuit can trigger this light.

Yes, I know that this sounds counterintuitive, but it was reality with my Volvo.
I am willing to bet at least a buck or two that not all of your bulbs are from the same manufacturer–so if I am correct, make sure that both tail light bulbs, both directional signal bulbs, both license plate bulbs, etc are of the same brand, as well as the correct model number.