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2000 beetle vibration at high speed

good morning,i was wondering if anyone had an ideas about something i just noticed.when i am driving on the exspressway and get my speed up to and over 60 my car shakes/vibrates a bit.i have never noticed this this something i should be concerned with and should address?thank you and have a nice holiday week end.steve

It is always something to be concerned about, but the list of potential issues is really long.

First just check your lug nuts to make sure that none of them are loose.

The easiest thing to do is take it to a reputable, local, independent (i.e. non-corporate chain) front end/alignment shop, describe the symptoms and have them inspect it. You might have a very simple problem like a tire out of balance. You might have a really dangerous problem like a bad ball joint, wheel bearing or tie rod end.

Of it may have just lost a balancing weight.

Good Luck.

thank you.i will have it checked out.steve

and i will mention that to them,as well.take care,steve