Car shaking over 50 mph




I have a 2001 VW Beetle with 50,000 miles. This morning it was shaking when I drove near 50 mph and over. I lowered my speed to under 50 and it seemed fine. What could this possibly be? Could the temperature be a factor it was only 10 degrees and I was only driving about 5 minutes before accelerating to 50. It is just my car was too cold and not warmed up, or should I take it for servicing?


One of the first things I’d check if it seemed to just happen over night would be the wheel wells and wheels on the inside and out for any frozen slush or snow which could easily throw the balance off. After that would be the wheel lug nuts and any hint of damage from pothole curb or lost wheel balance weight. From there, after you’ve checked the air and you’re still not satisfied, it’s a trip to the mechanic.


There are quite a few possibilities but there is one simple thing you could check first; Is there any chance that you got some snow or ice buildup on any of the wheels since the last time you drove it? Snow or ice frozen inside the wheel or hub cap causes an imbalance and can result in a mild to severe vibration at higher speeds.

If you rule that out, it might be wise to have it checked out by a qualified mechanic. It could be as simple as a thrown wheel balance weight or something more severe like tread separation in a tire. Certain suspension and bearing issues could also be at fault. Those are best left to a qualified mechanic to address.