2000 AWD Chevrolet Astro electrical problems

2000 Astro AWD 125,000 miles : a few issues: left turn flasher slow after 2 flashes; when passenger door was opened, a sound as though keys had been left in ignition sounded; instrument panel lights out at night but turn signals worked; trip computer display is off - dome-override switch turns it on but at same time turns off headlights; as an aside, replaced radio (3 days ago) after above metnioned symptoms were already present; no rear running, brake or turn signals although back-up lights do work; interior turn signal indicators do not flash at all. Also “brake” light is intermittently on but doesn’t throw an OBD code. Any ideas? Thanks so much, MJ

It sounds like there may be a grounding problem. I suggest you first clean the battery connections using a battery post cleaning brush. Then clean the ground wire connection going to the chassis of the car from the battery. If that doesn’t change things then check the grounds under the dash area.

Thanks so much Cougar.

You’re welcome. Let us know what you find out and if we can help you any further.