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Chev ignition deadspot

I’ve got a 2008 chev 2500 6.0 liter. This is a intermittent problem. Turn the key “click” nothing happens, try again it starts. Clock sets back to 1200. Chev garage says it’s not starter because clock sets back to 1200. Lights will slightly flicker when you step on the brakes. Grounds have been cleaned, battery 1 year old. Ignition switch tumblers working hard. Any guesses. Chev garage cure is run it til it dies.

The battery cables can go bad internally. Outside insulation can cover up internal corrosion.

How about that ground connection near the master cylinder? That’s where it is on the 02 pickup. As far as changing parts goes, they might try the ignition switch which may sell for $25 and take forty minutes to change. Resetting the clock doesn’t mean it’s not due to a faulty starter; it only hints at it not being a faulty starter. Nothing in this game is certain.

If ur clock resets, doesn’t that indicate the voltage is dropping below a certain point? Can u try putting in a different battery as a test?

All the grounds were cleaned and the battery is a year old. Trying to avoid the expensive chevy garage poke and hope fix.

Unfortunately, the problem is electrical, and will be a poke and hope fix. Sadly, it is the nature of electrical problems.

I don’t know if your 2008 still has them, but check any fusible links that feed the fuse box. I’ve tracked problems like this to those links before.

Don’t sound like an ignition “dead spot” to me. More like a battery connection.