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2000 Audit TT Instrument Cluster Replacement Part


I need to replace my instrument cluster, but don’t want to but it from the dealer, if possible. I found a couple online, but am not sure exactly what I need. Any help is appreciated! Here’s the site I found the part on, but it has 2 listings:

Regardless of where you buy the cluster you will still need to take the car to the dealer to have the new cluster re-coded. The electronics for the anti-theft immobilizer are in the instrument cluster. If you replace it, the car will not start. Only the dealer has the capability to re-code the new cluster to your ECU and keys.
Considering all this, it’s worth spending the extra $$ to let the dealer do the whole job and not have to worry about it.
Also, by doing this, they’ll be able to set the new cluster to display the correct odometer mileage.

Looks like it would be one of the two - items are for US market.

If you have the driver information system (radio tuning, temperature, etc.), that is:
8N1 919 930 BX

Otherwise it is:
8N1 919 930 CX

As mrbean stated, you will have to have the dealer match it to your ECU. But buying it yourself you can about $100-200 over dealer. You might also consider used (usually a pull from a wrecked auto), it will be a lot less.