Engine Mounts

Several weeks ago, my friend took her Honda to the dealer for regular service, and was told she had a broken engine mount - $250. Today, I took my Mazda to my dealer for an oil change and checkup, and low and behold, I have a broken engine mount - $250. I’m wondering if “broken engine mount” is the new dealer shorthand for “we can’t sell any cars these days, so we need to make all out money on service.”

Make 'em show it to you .
A good dealer/shop will.

You may not technically know what you’re looking at. But they don’t know that so it keeps them honest and you learn something along the way.

They’ll show you your bad one and show you a good one ( then you’ll know by seeing ) AND they’ll show you the respect of deciding for yourself when and where to fix it.

Honda and Acura have had some engine mounts that didn’t hold up as long as they should have, so that one isn’t unlikely.

It’s MORE then possible…Have them show you…If they can’t or refuse…find a new mechanic.

Yes they do fail but I do think this is a area that can be abused (a repair not required). You should be complemented on your justified skepticisim. As stated make them show you, let us know which one it is, we can use this info in helping others.Ask if its is a total failure or just cracked rubber and ask why you dont notice symptons. Busted mounts will let the engine rock more when you go on and off the gas,most times you can hear/feel a clunk and in some cars you can even see the shifter move (manual trans).