2000 4.3 Vortex

I have a astro van that all of a sudden quit running.

Replaced the plugs (130k) fuel pressure checked and is good and there is spark to the plugs.

The injector is not opening and closing.

Someone said I needed a vortex injector package. What is that?

What causes this and what is the prognosis?

Will the engine run on a small amount of a priming fuel? Was this test preformed by the people that gave the blessing to the fuel pressure?Identify “Someone”

Vortex injector package = fuel injector spider assembly. The injection system in your vehicle has what is called a Central Multiport Fuel Injection system or CMFI. This injection system utilizes a single fuel injector assembly that supplies fuel to each cylinder via plastic tubes to what are called poppet valve injectors. If this central fuel injector assembly fails, no fuel is delivered to any of the cylinders. To replace this fuel injector spider assembly requires the removal of the upper intake plenum.

What causes this? Bad design basically.