2000 venture injectors

Hey all Have to replace the fuel rail in my wifes 2000 venture ,removed the old fuel rails and noticed that some of the injectors have caps on the bottom and some dont?
Do i need to replace them?
Can i replace them, looked at the parts list on the local parts stores and none of them have a listing just the o-rings.
Thank You

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What is your ride?


Check this out



Hopefully this was what you’re talking about

Mine is a 1984 Suburban 6.2 all stock my second one the first one rotted out on me .I love these trucks.

I found the o-rings ok ,but bottom of the injector there is a plastic cap on the bottom ,sum of my injectors dont have them some do.

Those little hats are there to help retain the lower O-rings, depending upon the injectory style, and to serve as an injector tip shield.

The ones that are missing probably came loose, got inhaled into a cylinder, and vaporized during combustion. Injectors can work fine without them but my preference is that they be in place.
Finding them without buying a new injector can be a bit iffy as none of the parts stores in my area carry them.

I think they can be found on eBay and are called pintle caps. Of course that presents the problem of having to wait on delivery even if a Buy It Now feature is used.

Thank You

Are these injectors serviceable ?Can they be taken apart and cleaned?

There are 2 ways to clean injectors

Bring them to a shop, where they’ll be evaluated . . . not all can be saved . . . and cleaned using some kind of a machine, and flow tested, and then returned to you

They can also be cleaned on the car. The procedure is to disable the fuel pump. Hook up the cleaning solution directly to the fuel rail. Set the pressure so that the return line doesn’t send any of the stuff back to the tank. Start the engine. Let it idle on the cleaning solution until it stalls out.
Disconnect the cleaning solution from the rail. Reenable the fuel pump.

The other option is to exchange your set of injectors for a set which has already been serviced/overhauled

Ok got most of it done,but need a a diagram of the vacuum lines .I dont remember were some of them go .Any one have one ???

Isn’t there a decal on the core support or under the hood that shows the routing of the vacuum lines?


must be gone on mine if there is