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2.0 dohc shuts down after driving 20 minutes

I recently bought this car for 200. with the knowledge it had a blown head gasket, I had heads and valve job done, replaced water pump, alternator, cam sensor, o2 sensors, catalytic convertor, timing belts along with other belts, oil pressure sensor, plugs and wires, most of these were known bad parts. The car runs great for 20 minutes then just quits, doesn’t act like overheating, I have been suspect of the coil pack it tests good when cold I have not tested when hot. any suggestions if anything else might be the cause? no codes are coming up on the computer at all when this occurs.

Drive it for 20 minutes until it shuts down and then check for spark. That way you’ll know whether investigating the coil is a good idea.

If it shuts down but you still have spark, blow some starting fluid into the intake and see if that get a hiccup out of it. Is so then troubleshoot the fuel system.