1999 VW New Beetle transmission


We are looking at a 1999 New Beetle and upon test driving, the transmission slipped (hit the gas, nothing, then suddenly catch and take off). The owner advised that the vehicle (including transmission) was recently serviced. Is this a common problem with this vehicle? Could it simply be a matter of low transmission fluid?


You don’t want to buy a car with a problem that could be major. You won’t know for sure until your shop looks at it, and even then they may have to remove the tranny to check it.

Oh yeah, what does he mean that the “transmission was recently serviced”. There is no routine service except (maybe) checking the fluid. Or, reading your post literally, the vehicle was serviced, and the vehicle includes a transmission!

What is the mileage?


Is that an automatic or manual transmission?

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that there is any standard service for either transmission according to VW. I believe it is a good idea, but I don’t believe it is standard. The prior owner may have had it serviced because it was having that problem. By the time there is a problem it is usually too late for a fluid change to help.

In any case don’t buy that one until you know for sure what the problem(s) is and what it will take to correct it.


I would pass on this unless their is a good reason this car suits you well. If it suits you pay a mechanic to check over before purchase and before you potentially get burned.