1999 Volvo V70 suddenly won't crank over

Look for some idea of what to either fix ourselves or to be prepared before trying to get her to a mechanic. Car was running just fine, suddenly yesterday afternoon she would crank but not turn over. I see someone with a 1990 volvo turbo is having the same problem but this is not a turbo model. We do not have the service manual for this car but are fairly handy. If this isn’t something we can fix ourselves is there a way to at least get her started so we don’t have to tow? Thanks.

Do you know whether you’re getting spark?
If so, perhaps shoot some starting fluid into the air intake to see if it wants to start. If it seems to want to start with starting fluid, you may have some sort of fuel delivery problem.

To elaborate a little bit on what RemcoW said, if you go to any auto parts store you can buy a spark tester & a can of starting fluid. A spark tester is an easy way to find out if you’re lacking spark. You just pull off one of the spark plug wires & hook up the tester & then crank. (You can also just pull out a spark plug & use that, but a spark tester is easier & includes a clamp for grounding it). If you verify spark & starting fluid gets some fire then you figure its fuel. It at least cuts your problem in half.

Thank you Remco & cigroller, we’ll try that tonight when DH gets in from work.