Random starting problems

For 4 months, I’ve experienced my car not starting. There is no pattern. 6 weeks ago, I replaced the starter when the mechanic was able to prove it was drawing too much juice from the battery. We also replaced a terminal and the battery cable. Last week same problems. Won’t start. Mechanic suggest I give the electrical 60 seconds to engage before turning on the ignition. Worked twice. Then no start. Not even with a jump. Cranks fine. Won’t start.

I had the car towed to a different garage, and so far the can’t duplicate the problem. Ideas?

If every time you wrote “won’t start” you meant “Cranks fine. Won’t start.” Then I’d stop worrying about batteries & connections & starters and start asking about spark and fuel. It seems likely that you have an intermittent lack of spark or fuel. Get a can of starter fluid and a spark tester. The next time it cranks fine but won’t start, blow some starter fluid into the intake. If it fires briefly the troubleshoot the fuel system. If it does nothing, hook up the spark tester and look for spark. If none, then troubleshoot ignition.