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1999 Volvo C70

 My ex-husband wants to buy our 17 year old son this car. Asking price is $5992. He is willing to pay $4000. in cash. The car has 92,312 miles, and seems to be in good shape except the the vehicle has a check light on (due to a faulty 02 sensor).  Is this worth it?

This is not the car I would recommend for a 17 year old. A friend of mine had his son just graduated from high school and bought him a good old Hyundai Tiburon; cheap, eay to repair, reliable, and very polpular with the kids.

A used Honda Civic, Corolla, Hyundai Elantra are also good choices.

Any repairs on the Volvo will be beyond the affordability of your son, and will come out of your pocket!!

Most sensible parants buying a first car for their offspring buy something cheap, reliable, cheap to repair, and expect it have a few fender benders in the process. The Volvo does not fit that category.

If you are worried about safety, your best investment is to send your son to a defensive driving school, where he really will learn how to stay out of trouble.

I agree. But like I mentioned it is my ex-husband… So, what about the 02 sensor?

Don’t buy anything with a CEL on.

I agree with Beads. A CEL is an unknown problem and could end up being much bigger than the seller says it is…or believes it to be…