Volvo XC70 with 201k miles worth it?

Hey gang,

I was looking at purchasing a 2004 Volvo XC70 with 201k miles on it and was wondering if anyone has some experience with this car and their lifespan. The car is listed for 3,500k and is located in north New Jersey.

Car starts and runs fine, but I only got to drive it around the lot (I’m 17 and was without my parents so I don’t really blame them for not letting me take it out, insured or otherwise.)

Few things I noticed was the rear windshield wiper doesn’t work, the breaks are squishy and there was some signs of rat droppingsin the back underfloor compartment.
Here’s an album of photos

Disclaimer - We have a Volvo but I would never buy a used one with that many miles and problems . The Brakes on this could cost a small fortune and if it has had rats in you can be sure that you are going to have wiring electrical problems. Pass on this .


That’s a damn shame to hear. I love that generation xc70s. It’s just hard to find them for cheap and in good condition.

With just the problems you saw I would forget about I would not even spend money to have an indenpendent mechanic look at I would bet he would find many more problems


A cheap Volvo is the most expensive car you can own! Cheap to buy, VERY expensive to keep running.


Remember, most of the time you get what you pay for.
the fuel filter has not been changed in many years. thats a basic maintenance item. if they did not change that what else is there that they did not do?

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17 years old and wants a family SUV . Not a Corvette , Mustang or even a Jeep Wrangler ?

What is this world coming to ?

Lots of room for storage and activities. Plus it’s fairly powerful and quick. Plus heated seats. What’s not to love other than not being able to find one below 150k.

While I have your attention though. Any other cars that are good to buy used with similar features as the xc70? I love window shopping.

The car does not have 201,000 miles on it. One of the pictures clearly shows the odometer at 218078 miles. The car also clearly has metal-on-metal brakes, i.e. the pad material is completely gone, which means that a brake job would involve way more than just new pads and rotors. Factoring in the “squishy” brake pedal, I’d say you’re looking at around $1800-2500 in brake repairs alone.

Also, this car has an interference engine, which uses a rubber timing belt. It is very common to see used Volvo’s on Craigslist here as “mechanic specials” because the timing belt broke, and now it “just needs a motor”. Figure about $1100-1200 to have the timing belt kit replaced by a professional shop.

Assume that the car also needs radiator hoses, heater hoses, possibly a new thermostat and gasket, possibly a new radiator, probably a transmission fluid and filter change, new spark plugs, etc. Figure another $500-1000 in deferred maintenance, unless you can DIY.

Considering the necessary repairs and deferred maintenance, if this was a car I liked, I’d offer $1500, and be prepared to go as high as $1800. But $3500? GTFOH. Talk about shooting for the moon!


My stepfather had a litany of Volvo wagons starting with a 240, then a 740, then a 940, then an V70 and finally a V70 T5. He typically only kept them 3 or 4 years, with the exception of the last one. He used that one for a 100 mile commute to the parish he was rector at before he retired. He kept that Volvo until it had 250k on the clock. After about the 150k mile mark things started regularly breaking and it was a grand every time it went into the shop, which was quarterly thing for a couple years. Finally after a $1k power window regulator repair, he could take no more and traded in for a new Toyota Highlander, which was bulletproof for 120k miles, at which point grandkids started showing up and the decision was made to go bigger, and they got a Sequoia instead.

I would definitely not recommend a near 20 year old European near-luxury car for a 17 year old just because the upkeep is going to bankrupt you. IIRC the XC70 had the first gen Haldex AWD, and a turbo. Both of which will be pricey repairs.

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In other words from what I said earlier and what every one else is saying RUN AWAY FAST and don’t look back.


You lost me at rat droppings. I’d keep shopping.

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Well, it’s not what I wanted to hear but I’m glad I did. Thank you all for your advice and I will definitely not be touching this car. You saved a 17 year old a lot of money and despair.

Any good car recommendations in this style? I have a 2009 Ford Escape that died on when I was driving back from Massachusetts (transmission) that I’m still waiting on for a repair estimate, so I’m just window shopping. I do love the wagon style though.

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right now used car prices are insanely high. you wont find a good used car for that amount of money. get your tranny fixed and save up more money for when car prices come back to normal.


You might be young but you are asking for advice and willing to take it that shows maturity on your part good luck on whatever you decide to do.


I would keep what you have and repair it, as long as the rest of the SUV is in decent condition. Obviously, if it has rust or body damage, if the engine is on its last leg, etc, then I’d caution against putting money into it. Used car prices are insane right now, so it makes sense to repair a car that you already own, versus trying to buy a different used car.


Window shop until next year. By then, price should have recovered from the highs this year. Maybe not, but keep monitor prices.

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It’s just eat droppings…not to worry.
OH…just rat droppings…
(Two Broke Girls reference)
Just kidding VOLVO-V70

According to Facebook marketplace at least in my area vehicle seem to be coming down already!

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