1997 Volkswagen Golf - car alarm


I have a 1997 Volkswagen Golf. The key remote stopped working. We tried a new batter from the dealership and that did not work. The dealership said that we would need to replace the lock system for about $600. The power locks still work. We tried just using the key to lock the doors, but the alarm goes off. So right now, we are just not locking the car. We would prefer to deactivate the alarm system all together. A couple of places we went to said that this could not be done as it was integral part of the car. We do not want to pay $600 for a new locking system, so we are just not locking the car instead. Any idea if there is a way to disarm the alarm all together? Thanks in advance.

Can you get another remote keyfob to see if that will fix the trouble or try reprogramming your current unit to see if that will help.

I don’t know if your current alarm system will disable the car from running if the alarm goes off but I assume it will. If you can disable the power to the alarm system that may be all you need to do but you may need to install a switch to it so you can turn it back on if you need to have power going to it in order to start the engine.

I suspect that only one or two jumpers may be needed to bypass the alarm control over the engine operation. A good shop should be able to figure that out and not cost you too much if that needs to be done. You stated that a couple of places stated it could not be done but it can be done.

I’ll try the dealership again. They didn’t offer up a new fob. Only told us the whole lock system needs to be replaced. If not, I’ll try the last part of your posting. Thanks for the help.