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1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

I’m looking at a 99 Toyota Land Cruiser with 148,000 miles. Should I be concerned about the age and mileage? The car is in mint condition with new leather seats, new brakes and pads. two owners, all maintenance records. But the age and mileage worry me - or should they

Well, it’s a 10 year old used car with normal miles on it, so it should be expected to act like one. You will need more work over the next 10 years then it had in the first, but it should do well. Land Cruisers are typically ‘better’ or ‘much better’ than average on Consumer Reports reliability surveys, 1999 included. But that doesn’t mean they’re flawless.

I would not worry. I would have my mechanic check out out before buying it, like I would any car and expect to do some maintenance and repairs soon after buying it, after all almost anyone who is contemplating selling there car might just put off those items.