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1999 Toyota Camry-stalling problem/rough idle/ trouble accelerating

My 1999 Toyota Camry le 4L continuously stalls/dies when I stop and struggles to turn over/start. It also hesitates to accelerate (when you push down on the pedal the car will decrease in rpms instead of increasing). It also has a rough idle. OBD2 scanner only shows Po773 codes and the eva is “not ready”/blinking red. There’s a brand new fuel filter installed and new fuel lines. Any ideas what the problem could be?

First step is to thoroughly check battery and charging system. Load testing battery is recommended, but the battery should be 12.6 volts with engine off and 14.5 volts or so when engine is running. Regardless of your results you need to clean battery posts and both ends of both battery cables. If that doesn’t fix it then we can go from there. But this needs to be done to avoid chasing rabbits.

Haven’t done the test yet but my OBD2 scanner found P1133

P1133 is an O2 sensor fault. Will not produce your symptoms. The P0773 is shifting fault. But you must fix your slow crank problem first. A low battery can trigger false codes. You are chasing rabbits until you confirm proper battery and charging system.

I did the test and I found out the battery was bad. It was replaced and now there is no longer a rough idle or hesitant acceleration. My guess is with the bad battery the alternator had to work harder causing the rough idle. Thank you for your time and your advice.

And thanks for following up.

My car is back to its old tricks but it no longer has problems starting. I’m guessing it was acting up before because I disconnected the battery which reset the computer.