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Toyota Camry Stalling

I have a 1992 Toyota Camry EL that has been running fine - up until about 3 weeks ago. It has developed a problem of stalling when idling, sometimes, not always. My mechanic has replace the vacuum hose to the idle air control after finding it was cracked. It kept on stalling after that. Then he replaced the exhaust gas recycling valve assembly, but it still will stall at times. I have noticed that sometimes engine will rev way up then way down while I’m sitting at a stop light. This morning it stalled while I backed out of a parking spot. Any ideas about what could be causing this?
Only 95K miles on this car, and I would like to keep it going if possible.

Kathy, Is The “Check Engine” Light On Or Has It Come On With The Poor Performance ?

Has your mechanic tried retrieving any codes stored by your vehicle’s OBD 1 (On Board Diagnostics) engine control computer to see if there are any that could provide clues as to which system(s) are likely culprits ? Does she/he have a scanner that is capale of doing this on your nearly twenty year-old Camry ? Does he/she know how without the scanner ?

One of many links to obtaining and decoding 2-digit 1990-1995 Toyota “trouble codes” :

Here’s another :


the “check engine” light does not come on. Mechanic sent me to Toyota dealer in town who diagnosed the EGR problem, and they also said it needs a tune up (500 -600 dollars). My mechanic doesn’t think tune up will solve this problem.