Camry rough idle, trouble starting, and stalling at stops

Hi, I have a 1999 Toyota Camry Le 4 cylinder California emission. it has a rough idle at start, it stalls sometimes during starting or a few minutes afterward, and it has trouble starting occasionally where it’ll take a few minutes to get it going, (an example being you need to hold down the accelerator for a while to keep it from dying). The fuel injectors where cleaned, a new idle air control valve was installed, the car has a new battery, a new EGR vacuum solenoid (because it was leaking air), and new o2 sensors. The only trouble code is a shift solenoid E. Any advice on how I can fix this?

Start by telling us if the check engine light is on, what the codes are and how many miles on the car.

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You might want to try cleaning the throttle body and resetting the ECM .

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Check engine light is on with P0773 and my car has 198335 miles on it. (so far all my problems are at starting my car or a few minutes while driving after the point the vehicle was started. After the car runs for awhile it has no issues.)

I did that a week ago and performance didn’t change.

My friend has been complaining about that code for a while…says it comes and goes, but that code is transmission convertor lockup issue and wont affect your idle.

How does your MAF look? Try cleaning that little bugger with some spray…it has seen a lot of air in those 198K miles…might have some gunk on it…they hate gunk…

have you run a compression test? With 200k, you might have rings or valve seats going away.


Yes… what @Mustangman said… Could be a ton of things at this point… If we were standing with the car we would be of much more help…kind of hard to diagnose from my desk here. There are many clues to be had in person including sounds, smells, and sights…

alright ill give cleaning the MAF sensor a try

no i have not done a compression test, is it something a person can do by themselves or do you need to go to an auto shop for it.

Hers some extra history on my car. I had this on a different forum so its type like a reply (so far all my problems are at starting my car or a few minutes afterward while driving. After the car runs for a good 5 minutes it has no issues.) So far it’s random sometimes it’ll start up just fine then jump to a high idle then settle after a while and sometimes it’ll have it’ll take a while for it to turn over then at that point you need to hold down the accelerator for 30 seconds to keep it going which afterward will go to a high idle then settle down. When I had the New IAC valve install the car’s computer thought it was getting too much fuel so it gave it less. even after resetting the computer the problem remains where the computer had system too rich codes were pending and the car would barely stay running( rpm would go from 1-1000 back and forth). the wiring for the AFR aka o2 sensors were checked in which the downstream sensor might have been to blame. the car ran fine for a day or so then the problems return but less severe.

$30 tool to test at home. In the US, you can borrow the tool from the auto parts stores for free.

I haven’t done the compression test yet but occasionally when the car is idling rough the code p1130 will pop up as pending and disappears as the idle smooths out. Could a vacuum leak cause this or a bad engine temperature senor and a bad PVC valve?

should I replace the spark plugs after the test?

If they are old, sure, replace them.

Use only the plugs recommended by Toyota for this engine. It may be on an underhood sticker and/or owners manuals. Some other plugs may have been installed and that could be part of the problem.

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I forgot to ask… How long has the current T belt been on this engine? Is it possible that you are now a tooth off due to a stretched belt T belt? I ask because I just literally finished a timing belt on the same year Camry as the one you own…

i believe it was replaced last year I"ll have to check

This has also been occurring with my car, every time I accelerate the RPMs go down, in this video a do complete stops and just applying gas almost stalls the car out. could it be the fuel pump?

any ideas on what can cause this while accelerating?