1999 Plymouth Voyager oil light blinking

oil light blinking on low rpm at 148200 miles

Then you might have a completely worn out engine with inadequate oil pressure. Or a bad oil pressure switch.

Have it checked by a good mechanic with a trusted mechanical gauge.


At a full stop, try shifting to neutral and see if light goes off.

If the pressure sending unit has never been changed, there’s a good chance that’s the problem (it’s known for failures). It is near the oil filter, and if there is oil inside the electrical connector after removing the connector, that’s the problem.

Low oil level will cause that. Check dipstick. If oil and filter replacement is due, now’s the time to do it. You might get lucky.

The V6 engine on these cars are know for the oil pressure sending unit going bad. If you are lucky that’s what it is.

Let’s start at the beginning. Is the oil level correct?