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Flickering oil light

I have a 1998 sebring convertible with less than 66,000 miles. After it runs for about 10 minutes the oil light will flicker and then stay on until I press on the gas. The light goes out, but comes on again when I am not pressing the gas pedal. Last March, it was doing this and I had the Oil and filter changed, and a new CAT engine sensor, and R&R oil pressure switch installed. I had the oil and filter changed again in October. I had a mechanic check the oil and he said it’s fine. Could it be the sensor again or am I looking at bigger issues? Is it worth repairing?

Why guess at it? Get a mechanic to put an actual mechanical oil pressure test gauge on it and see what the oil pressure actually is. From your description, I bet that you will find that the oil pressure is actually low, and it was low the first time you replaced the sensor. (You just put in one that triggered at a lower oil pressure.) The next question will be do you have a failing oil pump or a failing engine.

what sender was installed (PLEASE DONT SAY THE CHEAPEST ONE) do a mechanical test,what was the result?

most likley the sender went south,does it make loud noises at idle?

good luck

It’s important to get the oil pressure checked with a mechanical gauge, as others have mentioned. If it’s low, this usually means worn engine bearings, and a lower end rebuild or replacement engine. If the oil pressure is low, it’s the top end of the engine that will eventually starve too–not enough pressure to lubricate cam bearings and valve train. You may have one of the engines that’s prone to oil sludging. I think the 2.7L engines were prone to this. If it’s sludged up, you may as well replace it or consider getting rid of the car. If the pressure’s low, you may be able to get some more life out of it by using thicker oil–eg. 10W30 or 40 if you’re using 5W30. If the pressure’s fine, it’s pretty much gotta be the sensor. Good luck.

Thank you, I’m getting it checked in 2 days, I’m just wondering if I should get rid of the car

If the oil pressure drops to below 5-PSI at idle, but recovers to at least 15-PSI at 1500 rpm, I would not lose too much sleep over that…Drive on. You might switch to 10/40 oil which should help. If the oil pressure stays below 15-PSI at 1500-RPM, that’s a serious problem and it might be time to move on…