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1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Floor Center Console light strip does not work. I have access but do not know how to test the strip or the module it is connected to. Jeep wants to sell you the entire shifter for $180 +.

Most likely the trouble is due to a broken power wire to it. Check to see if it is getting voltage when the lights are on.

I put a meter on the strip, grounded one side and got nothing when the power was turned on. I did not check the incoming side of the module that it is connected to. Thanks for the help. I wish I could find a fuse blown but I looked at all and found none. I have no idea which one it uses.

I assume that the light would dim with the rest of the dash lights so it should be on the same circuit as they are.

Actually I never noticed any dimming. It just glows an orange color dot. Do you have any idea what sort of module the strip is plugged into. It is about an inch square, black, and has two wires going in. I get no power reading from it. I also get no continuity reading from the strip. I thought of just wiring another small light under the area but where the dot is is solid and no place for a light. If I thought there should be 12 volts going to the module, and I could see where the wire goes, I might go after it. It is included in a harness and just looks like it disappears under the dash. I hate this stuff.