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98 Cherokee Starting issues

Won’t start on first key turn, sometimes not on second. But after driving it a bit, and then stopping (at a store) it fires back up on first key turn?

Fuel pressure regulator I’m thinking? Is my hunch in the right neighborhood? Any other ideas?

Bought used a week ago. new plugs, filters, oil, transmission serviced, greased, new serpentine belt, radiator flush, AC charged, etc…

'98 Cherokee Classic, 4.0L 6cyl, 204K miles,

The next time you go to start the engine after the Jeep has sat, turn ignition switch to the run position so the dash lights come on for two seconds, and turn the ignition off. Repeat this 4-5 times and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts and runs with no problem, most likely the problem is with the anti-drain-back valve in the fuel pump assembly.