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1999 Honda Stalls Out

My old Honda keeps stalling out (randomly) some days it’s fine other days it stalls many times. Went to a mechanic who said it’s the wire & plugs ($349). I’m new in this area (NC) and want to be sure I spend the money on what’s really wrong with it. Do you area with this diagnosis? Thanks for your help!!!

Not much info here to go on. How old are the plugs and wires? Change them yourself a lot cheaper.

Does this happen more on hot days? If so, could be a fuel pump relay.

The plugs & wires are at least 5yrs. old - that’s how long I’ve owned the car. It happens in varying temperatures, cool, warm & hot weather. Thanks.

I would be considered a mechanically deficient.

Is a check engine light on? If so, reading the code could identify the source of the problem.

yes it is on - but it was on quite a long time before it began stalling out - light was on at least 4 yrs. ago

I was listening this weekend, when I learned about a recall for the ignition switch on my 99 civic. I replaced it last summer after going down the highway and having the car stall. I diagnosed the problem myself, heavy key ring. How do I learn what Honda will do for me? like reembursment for the $135.oo ingnition? Thanks anyone

I wonder if I remove some un-needed stuff from my keyring would help? it’s worth a try, before I spend $349 on wires. Thanks.

$349 for plugs and wires seems steep to me. If they’re all (both plugs and wires) are 5 years old, it’s a safe bet to say the plugs need changing.

For the wires, do them yourself. No tools required. Remove one (pay attention to where the ends came from), pull one from the set of new wires, make sure you get the one that’s the right length, and replace it. Once all are done, so are you. As long as you only remove them one at a time, it’s really pretty hard to muck it up.

My keyring’s now only have the car/truck key, and the remote on them. Anything else will eventually wear out the ignition switch.

Get the codes read. Autozone will do it for free. Don’t ignore check engine lights. They aren’t there for entertainment purposes. They indicate that there is a problem with the engine that needs to be addressed. Ignoring them can lead to more damage and very expensive repairs.

Once you have the code (it will be in the form of “P1234”) post it here and we can help you further. Until then, any suggestions from anyone are just people throwing spitballs at a wall to see what sticks.