1999 honda passport idling erratically

got a 99 honda passport and it is idling erratically. goes from barely running to 3000 rpm for no reason. when driving it will rev up to around 3000 rpm especially between shifting. diagnostic codes say throttle position (don’t remember exact code), misfire in cylinder #3, o2 sensor bank one and two. i replaced the mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, and throttle position sensor. is there something else it could be, is there something else to replacing throttle position sensor. can use some help. i can give more info if needed.

mine did the same, gave me code for fule bank running lean… replaced lots of sensors and even the fuel filter… it even shifted rough or would stall when I came to a stop (nothing like two-foot driving), or would try to shift up as I was stopping… Turned out there was a small leak in my intake manifold gasket, replaced that and then ran fine, no more engine code or erratic idle and shifting… can’t hurt to replace it and see if it works for you as well…

spray wd40 into the intake and it should run just fine for a short time