Stalls when put in gear or ac switched on

2000 Passport 3.2L v6

Stalls when it is put in gear or whenever the ac is switched on. If you rev it up then switch the ac on it will stay on as long as you keep your foot on the gas.

The items below have already been changed and we are out of ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Fuel pressure regulator
Gas pedal position sensor
Throttle body position sensor
Oil pressure sending unit
Ignition switch
MAP sensor
Spark plugs
Oil and filter

It sounds like somebody has been “throwing parts” at the problem, rather than properly diagnosing it. Was this work done by a professional mechanic?

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Nah. It’s not a daily driver for anyone so just changing the parts out when there is time.

Unless you are getting those parts “for free”, you are ultimately paying more than you would if the problem was properly diagnosed.

Eh. Taking it somewhere doesn’t teach me anything.

Have you tried cleaning the electronic throttle body?



As far as the AC goes…is it just a matter of the idle speed too low, and things work fine when you give it a little gas?
As far as “stalls when put in gear”…if you have an automatic, a low idle speed could again cause a stall.
Do you think idle speed is the real culprit?

Some sort of idle control issue yes. I am not sure where to find detailed system descriptions

Yeah I have cleaned it a good bit

The computer controls the engine idle depending on the load imposed on the engine by adjusting the electronic throttle body.


There was a few times where it didn’t start and there was a noise from that area. It’s where I was leaning.

Neither does changing parts at random.
All those sensors you’ve changed so far could have been tested with a voltmeter.
The symptoms rule out most of that list anyway.
Perhaps you should either befriend an independent mechanic who will let you watch him/her troubleshoot, or take some automotive repair classes.


I have actually learned a lot reading about and changing parts out. You understand that some people enjoy that right? I have checked a few sensors with the multimeter after changing one or two out and basically only changed the others because it was either spitting a code or I didn’t have something to put a vacuum on it and it was $8 at pull a part.

Thanks for your input. You’ve been a big help.

Generally speaking . . . a sensor is not something I would get at pick-a-part

Sheet metal, interior door panels, center consoles, mirrors . . . those are all a no-brainer

There’s no way I would get, say, an oxygen sensor or crankshaft position sensor at pick-a-part

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