99 passport not firing

Replaced intake manifold gasket to fix issue with ideling eratic, rough shifting, stalling out and engine code complaining about fuel banks lean. Fixed those issues and started and drove fine. Stop engine and started and drove 2 more times, now it refuses to start. Cranks just fine, so it is not battery nor starter, fired up once, but as soon as I gave a bit of gas, it killed it. Now it just cranks but won’t fire. Checked timing to make sure it did not skip time, it is dead on, so it is not timing. Egnition coils get spark when cranking (yep, checked that too)… it smells like gas after cranking, so the fuel pump works… I am at a loss… it ran fine, drove fine, no noises, shimmies, nor diseling when I shut it off, everything was normal. no temp issue, has plenty of gas in the tank, fresh oil. From how she started, ran and turing off, everything was normal… Anyone ever have this issue? Please help

Try starting fluid.

ok take a can of wd40 and spray some into the cylnders it should start just fine after that although you’ll have to do that every time you start the car