Honda passport bucking

I have a 95.5 3.2 4wd passport aka rodeo I first felt the problem on the expressway. It starts bucking about 3000 and 3500 rpm. I thought it was the computer so I disconnected the battery out for about 45min. I also changed the fuel filter oil spark plugs I even flushed the engine with Motor Flush. A couple of months before that i pored Seafoam and lucas fuel cleaner in it And it still was doing the same thing. I talk to a Mechanic (with a boat in a lake behind the garage) and he told me its my o2 sensors. What do you think?

Did the mechanic with the boat i the lake behind the garage do any diagnosis?

I strongly suggest that you discontinue the practice of randomly disconnecting computers and pouring additives into every hole to try to correct problems. You are highly unlikely to fix anything this way and may do some damage. While additives can be a good thing to keep an old beater running, you first need to find out what cause of the the problem is and then use additives appropriately.

Even though I hate computers, you could have a broken engine mount or a bad CV joint.

I doubt it’s the O2 sensors at all. There’s a lot of things that could cause this so somewhere one is going to have to start a methodical process of sorting it out.

Faulty distributor, weak fuel pump, EGR valve going stupid, clogged catalytic converter, etc, etc, etc.
You could try pulling the codes first and see what’s present as a first step.

Just curious here. How many miles on the vehicle and how does it idle; very smooth, slightly rough, or real rough?

(Also, whenever changing a fuel filter it always a good idea to drain the filter and check for contamination. The filter should then be allowed to dry for an hour and then attempt to blow through it. If one cannot blow freely through the filter then it’s partially clogged and a filter like this can cause premature fuel pump failure).