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99 Honda crv stalls while driving on highway

This happened 2 months ago and have waited for a few friend of a friends mechanic buddies to help but they are busy so I thought I’d try here

Scenario: driving down highway, try to accelerate and I feel nothing. Car slowly starts to slow down and we veer onto the side road and get it towed to the house

Try to start it and It turns over but won’t start. Got a new battery and the tow truck driver says it has high compression.
Father in law gets mechanic buddy and he thinks it the distributor.
We get a new distributor and put it in and it still won’t work.
Along with previous sound there is a new slight sound like a chug. Reminds me of an old fashion train.
I’ve looked online and things point to spark plugs or alternator but most about younger cars then my 99 crv. Please let me know what you think. Again, I can’t feel any sort of power when I press the gas pedal.
Please let me know what you think!

When was the last time a new timing set was installed?


No idea, would need to ask previous own of 6 years ago!

Pretty much!

You need to know the timing belt history of a Honda engine.

Otherwise, you can end up in your situation if it fails.


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How does this tow truck driver determine it has high compression? Psychic? An engine with a popped timing belt will crank over very easily and appear to be free-wheeling.

Assuming the belt has not broken and it does have compression then you might consider a failed ignitioni switch. The electrical part of it. These cars are under a Recall for this problem. IF this Recall has never been performed in the past and the VIN fits then it should be a freebie repair at any Honda dealer.

Should it be assumed that the distributor was replaced because a few things were checked and there was no ignition spark? A faulty ignition switch will cause a lack of spark situation.


Car won’t start. Now you replaced distributor and may have compounded issue. Is distributor installed right? Ugh, it fits, so I guess so. Did you get it at dealer? AZ?