1999 Honda Civic Cpe - Can I swap seat sides?

our drivers seat worn on door side, would like to swap with the unworn passenger seat. Is this do able

check if they are symmetric or not, as for some cars you will stop right there

I bet you will find videos on youtube on how to remove the cover and to get to the cushions

The seat recliner handle would be on the wrong side.


true, yet I’ve seen people removing the fabric/leather, then swapping foam cushions… that’s given they are symmetrical

it would be much easier and probably very cheap to buy a seat from junkyard


If it has power seats?



OR you could just get seat covers. there is plenty to choose from.

Me thinks the driver and passenger Airbag sensors will be confused .

There are at least 4 threads asking this question and they all got the same replys . Not a good idea.

The impact sensors are inside the SRS module, not affected by the seats.
No occupant detection system in 1999 and no dual-stage airbags.

OK Nevada , you know more about this than most. But would I be wrong that there might be connectors under each seat that might not match or give correcr reading .

Of course I don’t under stand why the person would not just by cheap seat covers and be done with it.

The seat cushion foam deteriorates and becomes uncomfortable.

The seat cushions would need to be switched right to left, the seat belt buckles are attached to the seat frame.

Seller is asking $500 for these Civic SI seats;