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Changing seats

I rode in my friends 2005 honda civic and found that her seats where far more comfortable than my 2007 scion tc seats. ive been looking to change my seats for a bit now but haven’t found the right ones until now. i found the same style and color seats on ebay so i could change them out the only issue is idk if i can. Could ya help me pls?

Need to make absolutely certain the bolt holes will line up. Wouldn’t want to get them delivered only to find out they won’t fit. That’s the only advice I have. Perhaps take your existing seats out and take detailed measurements. I wish you the best of luck in your comfort quest.

You might need the rails that bolt to the floor. Might be able to go to a pull your on parts junkyard and find a set from a Civic and compare mounting.

The right front seat in your Tc has an occupant classification system that monitors the weight of the passenger. If you remove the seat and disconnect the sensors/ECU the airbag warning light will stay on and the passenger airbag will be disabled.


If I saw the seats on Ebay you want that seems like a lot on money for something sight unseen that might not even be much improvement . I think a good auto upholstery shop could be of more help at less cost.

could i possibly connect the wires from the civic seat to the tc or does it not have the same type of hardware

I’d be amazed if Honda seats would bolt into a Scion (Toyota). Any way to get a cheap junky Honda seat from that year and model from a junkyard to test out the idea?

The 2005 Civic does not have an occupant classification system. If you find a later model Civic that does there is no way to cross-breed one manufactures system with another.

Some crafty fabrication will be necessary to attach the seat adjusters from a Honda to the floor of a Toyota/Scion.

The seat weight sensors in the Tc are located in the seat adjuster, it may be possible to attach the Honda seat to the Tc seat adjuster but certainly not directly. These systems are very sensitive to calibration, I wouldn’t attempt the modification myself, there are many comfortable used cars on the market.

I dunno. A lot of Toyota seats that I’ve been in suck from a comfort standpoint. Slapping leather on them wouldn’t help. I drove a Rav4 recently, and an Avalon. The seats felt like they were built for people whose backs were bent severely backwards.

A good upholstery shop could add foam to problem area, then recover the seats, but that may not be enough. My friends Subaru have seats that provide inadequate thigh support(too short) nothing could be done about that.

RECARO makes custom seats for many cars. They are guaranteed to fit. I would google them on the internet to see.

Recaro would be an interesting option, a line of ergonomic seats are available, there was an option in cloth for under $1,000 not including the mounts. There are authorized recaro dealers that could verify what the TC would need and possibly have a seat to try out.

Why would someone spend half of the value of a 12 year old discontinued brand on replacement seats ?