1999 Honda Civic AC stopped working

The AC just stopped working on my 1999 Honda Civic and I see that the compressor is not engaging when the AC is turned on. Any suggestions on what to check here - thanks!

It’s old enough that the airbags should be serviced anyway to make sure they’ll still deploy properly if you get into a wreck. I’d take it in and have it done.

The SRS light on my 1999 Civic just came on - the car has not been damaged in any way and I have read that this problem may be related to a defective seatbelt? Any suggestions on what to check here

Is there any possibility this could still be covered by Honda if it is a bad seatbelt sensor? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks

Air-bag repairs can go to four figures rather quickly. That’s a lot of money to spend to make a light go out…A Honda dealer can SCAN the system and isolate the problem and give you a repair estimate for around $200…

To return the system to operation, you will probably need a NEW airbag control module. But the problem needs to be diagnosed and repaired correctly first or you will just blow up the new ($$$) module…