1999 Honda Accord

I had the timing belt replaced on my 1999 Accord at 89,000 miles. I am assuming that since it is approaching 180,000, I need to do that again soon. Right?

The timing belt replacement interval for your vehicle is every 105,000 miles. So following this schedule it won’t require replacement until 194,000 miles.


Yes, just because the maintenance manual usually stops at 100,000 miles or so, you still need to carry on with the same scedule. Honda has now extended the changeout schedule to 105,000 miles on their new models, but yours was a whole lot less.

Gates Rubber normally recommends 60,000 miles but they sell belts.

I would say if you don’t change it, and probably also the water pump (if it’s driven by the belt) and the tensioner, you are driving on borrowed time.

A relative of mine has a 1987 Accord and it has had several timing belt changes, and still soldiers on with nearly 300,000 miles on it.

The three things, all preventable, that do in Hondas before their time are; 1) not changing the automatic transmission fluid every 30,000 miles, 2) taking a chance with the timing belt and 3) ignoring the cooling system and thus overheating the engine.

If your car is automatic, I urge you to drain the fluid and replace it with HONDA fluid ASAP.