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Timing belt

I have a 98 Honda Accord with 55,000 miles on it. I know the timing belt is good fior 100,000 miles, but the Honda mechanic said it should be replaced now. Is this necessary?

What does the owner’s/service manual say? They have time limits as well as milage. 11 years is a long time

What does your owner’s manual say to do?

Since you’re probably way over the time limit, you should really check the schedule for other work that’s been neglected.

Time to read your Owner’s Manual!

Yes, it is “good” for 100,000 miles OR for a specific period of elapsed time, with the proviso “whichever comes first” being used to determine whether you use the odometer mileage or elapsed time to replace the belt.

My recollection is that the elapsed time factor for your car is something on the order of 7 years. By my calculations, you are at least 3 years overdue for this vital maintenance, so I would advise you to replace it now, along with the timing belt tensioners and the water pump. If the serpentine belt has never been replaced, that should be done at the same time. Or, if you really like to gamble, you can wait until the belt snaps, strands you on the road, and socks you with a repair bill of at least $2,000., in addition to the cost of the belt, tensioners, and water pump.

Even though you haven’t used the Honda Maintenance Schedule previously, this is a perfect example of why you need to do so–even if it is delayed by about a decade. Timely maintenance is invariably cheaper than the repairs that result from lack of maintenance.

I’d say after 11 years . . . change it. What does the owners manual say about years? Remember that belts are made of a composite, but rubber-like . . . which will deteriorate with age. Where are your Nike sneakers you wore 11 years ago? Did they deteriorate? That’s a pretty pricey engine to replace if the belt gives out due to age. Good luck! Rocketman

Per Honda the belt is good for 105,000 OR eight years. Time to replace the belt. Make sure your water pump is changed while they are in there (another $200 but well worth it).

“Per Honda the belt is good for 105,000 OR eight years”whichever comes first!

Yes. Time counts with anything elastomeric.

And although I’m unfamiliar with that specific engine, to be on the safe side it’s always prudent to assume on a Honda that it’s an interference engine. That means that if the belt breaks and the camshaft spins free of the crankshaft the pistons will kiss the valves and your repair bill will skyrocket.

Basically the limit given by Honda is 8yrs/105k whichever first. Interpret how you want. Realize the cost of fixing the engine is around $1500-$3000 and most don’t run 100% after the repair.