1999 ford150 no power to fuel pump



replaced fuel pump and than check to see and no power


Blown fuse, relay or perhaps a damaged power supply wire or faulty connection to pump or bad ground wire/connection.


Did you check while cranking and not just with the key in run position. I assume vehicle wont start. Pull a vacuum line off (one from the booster works good) spray some carb cleaner into it (5 sec worth) see if she fires over. Are you sure your checking the right wires at pump?


Unless you’re cranking the engine there won’t be any power to the pump.
You should also check ALL fuses and this includes the oversized ones in the engine compartment fuse box. If this vehicle uses a variable load control module then one of those larger fuses (40 amp maybe?) also controls the fuel pump through that module.

Look at the owners manual for the fuse layout.


Power is only applied for the first four seconds the KEY is turned on. Power will not return until the engine STARTS or the key is turned off and back on again. The impact sensor will also disconnect power from the pump.