1999 Firebirdwon't start

We replaced the head gaskets in my 1999 Firebird…now it won’t start. We have checked all electrical connections, it has fuel and spark…we are thinking that maybe there is a sensor or something that could have been tripped…any advice?

You can have fuel and spark, but not have proper timing of either of both. This could be a sensor, but make sure your valve timing and ignition timing are correct.

Check the crankshaft position sensor too.

If you do a compression test and the compression is consistent, but low, then the timing chain is probably not right. If it is good, your timing might be exactly 360 degrees off.

If this car has the Passlock 2 security system (no chip in the key), and you had the battery disconnected to do this work, you have to do the relearn procedure. Turn the key to run and leave it there for ten minutes, then start the car.

If you have gas and spark, the security system isn’t likely disabling the engine. And now that I think of it, your crank sensor is probably good too. So disregard my previous comment. Rats.

So if you do have good fuel pressure, check the injectors to make sure the computer is actuating them–you could probably use a “noid light” or just a voltmeter. If you have a nice fat spark too, that pretty much leaves the valve or ignition timing. If you pulled the distributor to do the heads, the first thing I would check is to make sure you reinstalled it correctly. I suppose you could also have such a major vacuum leak that the engine won’t fire.

Try spraying some starter fluid into the intake and see if the engine fires up then. If it does then you may have an fuel injector power problem. If it still doesn’t fire up then I would have to suspect a valve timing problem. You might be 180 degrees off.

Does it at least sputter, or just nothing but crank?
If it was running before this job, do you think something was left disconnected?