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1999 dodge stratus - dies all of a sudden

I have a dodge stratus 2.4L. While driving along all of a sudden the car dies. No warningsm, no check engine light. Just dies. I disconnect the fuel line and turn over ignition and no fuel gets pumped.

There has been occasions where is won’t start with the same symptom.

Any ideas?

Possible defective ASD relay, or fuel pump. When “no fuel gets pumped” someone needs to check to see if voltage is getting to the pump at that time to determine if the fuel pump is defective.

TY, I believe the fuel pump is working. I can hear the motor of the pump run when turning the ignition on. It runs for about 1 second when iginion is turned on. It sounds the same whether it starts or not.
When running errands, after about the 2-4 stop it won’t start after sitting for about 1/2 hour. 5 minutes later it starts.