1999 Dodge Ram Revs while climbing hills!

Recently, my dodge started over-reving in quick, short bursts while trying to climb hills on the interstate. Now, it does this in O/D, and 3rd gear…always under load climbing hills. Does this sound familiar?

Either the 3rd/OD band in the transmssion is on the way out. Or it’s just downshifting to 2nd.

When this happens, I’m not trying to downshift. If it is the band(s), can I get in and adjust them?

How many miles on the tranny?? If it’s over 100,000 it’s time has come…

It has 83000 miles. I had it checked under warranty when it first started doing this, and nothing (burnt odor, discolored fluid) was found. It shifts fine, no shuddering or soft shifts. One mechanic suggested “skip under load”, but that wouldn’t cause the rpm’s to spike would it?