I have a 2000 5.2 ltr. Dodge Ram Van. Only in overdrive, only with the cruise on, there is a slight hesitation at freeway speeds every few seconds. The Chrysler dealer said it was the overdrive clutches going bad, to the tune of a $2600 trans rebuild. Guess what? It didn’t fix it. Any ideas?

Does the Dodge do this when going up and down hills? If it does then it’s normal. Most manufacturers recommend turning off the OD in hilly areas or when towing. The transmission is just “hunting” and some transmission do this worse than others.

That is almost certainly a cruise control problem.Ive noticed that on older cars ( over 10 years old) the cruise control isnt as precise as it was when it was new. I guess the dealers fancy expensive diagnostic machine wasnt programmed to figure out that since it only does it with the cruise control on that it couldnt possibly be a transmission problem.