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Good running van except up hills

Hi CAr Talk; I have a question about my 2003 dodge ram van;(1500 series) the van runs really good except up hills it seems like it looses its ummmph(almost like it might conk out) anyone have any experience with this challange? thankyou for your time; great show on the radio Frank

The first things to deal with are the typical maintenance items, but you didn’t mention whether these are up to date so its hard to know where to start. So start w/ the basics. If all maintenance isn’t up to date - plugs, wires, fuel/air filters at the very least - then make it so.

If those things are up to date the first thing I would do is load test the fuel pressure and check the exhaust for blockage.

thankyou for the quick reply cigoller;(that was fast) I just bought the van; and have no maintenance log; I’ll change the gas filter and air filter first; then the spark plugs and wires; it that does not work I’ll post again and ask you if it’s ok how to conduct a load test fuel pressure; and check the exhust for blockage; thankyou sir, Frank :slight_smile:

Even though it is not connected to the current problem, you should also have the transmission fluid (and filter, if so equipped) changed. This should have been done when the van was 3 years old, and it would now be due again, based on elapsed time.

Since you have no maintenance records, you have to assume that the fluid has never been changed. When automatic trans fluid is not changed every 3 years/30k miles, you can look forward to transmission failure any time after ~90k miles. You had best change that fluid.

Ok VDCdriver I will do that one also (change the transmission fluid) thankyou for your advice. Frank :slight_smile: