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1999 Dodge Intrepid - Shakes

My Intrepid started shaking when started. IT shakes when put in drive till it gets enough gas and seems to work fine but today it actually started hoping when driving. Had to slow right down and it was fine when I got going again.

Is the check engine light on and how long has it been on?

If you want some help, have the error codes read at your local auto parts store for free and post them here in the form of Pxxxx.

Please tell us the engine and transmission it has and the mileage.

Shaking during warm up idling is often due to a faulty gadget that sets the idle rpm, in your car that’s probably the idle air control, either that or cylinder misfires. If it shakes or seems to miss a beat even as you drive down the road at 25+ mph, that would tend to point to misfires being the problem. Misfires can be caused by quite a few things, and are best addressed by reading out the diagnostic codes first.