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1999 Dodge Dakota wont idle and cuts out

My dad gave my son a 1999 Dodge Dakota v8 for his 16th bithday. It was his old truck. The truck starts up just fine but when put into gear or stoping at a stop light it will die. It easily starts right back up. It also heasitates really bad when the gas petal is pushed in. On the interstate im barely able to get it up to 70 mph. Have to gradually accelerate or it will cut out. I would greatly appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks

The first order of business would be to change the fuel filter. Post again if that doesn’t fix it

Locate the EGR valve. Remove it and clean it. Make sure the plunger moves freely. If it’s stuck open, it will cause those exact symptoms.

V8 Dakota’s are on the verge of being overpowered. A poor choice for 16 year-olds…Good Luck…